Give Your Baby's Onesies A Second Life. DIY Wall Art.

Written by Liliana Silva


Posted on March 26 2020

DIY Wall Decoration with Embroidery Hoops!  Giving Old Onesies a Second Life.  

What to do with old onesies that you don't want to donate?  Some onesies bring beautiful memories and others are just too cute and inspirational to give away.  So here is a fast and fun DIY wall decoration with embroidery hoops and giving your old onesies a second life.  It's a gorgeous wall decoration for your child's room or any playroom to put up.  You can also do this with an old shirt or any fabrics that you are inspired by.  Come along with us and follow these simple steps and making these beautiful decorations.

Things You Need:

1-Old Onesies
2-Embroidery Hoops
3-Hot Glue Gun
4-Fabric Siccors
5-Paints and Brush

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Step #1-

Separate embroidery hoop and paint color you wish.  I like to mix colors to create something different and unique.  I also don't like to paint the metal knob because I like the contrast but it's up to you if you want to.  

Step #2-

Cut the old onesies starting from leg opening along the side seam.  Make sure to cut along and around all edges.  You want to keep as much fabric as you can so you can wrap it along the embroidery hoop. 

Step #3-

Center artwork from onesie onto the embroidery hoop.  Wrap onesie around the hoop and lock into place by placing the second piece and knob.  

Step #4-

Cut out any excess fabrics and leave about 3/4 inch seam around.  You need an edge so you can glue into place.  

Step #5-

Cut Slits all around about 1/2 around.  This helps you wrap the fabric with ease. 

Step #6-

Glue down the seams left behind by using a hot glue gun.  Glue one to two pieces down at a time.   

Here is the finished project.  Thank you so much for joining us and following these steps with us.  We hope you enjoyed it!  

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